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Watch Your Business Grow with Strategic Data Appending

Data appending, if done in a systematic way and by professionals, can change your incomplete contact database into an invaluable list. All you need to do is attach the missing data to your present list of contacts.

With data appending, you can append email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, SIC codes, etc to your contact database. There are a number of leading firms that offer complete professional data appending services that will provide you with a flawless and complete list of your contacts.

Data appending will also enable you to learn more about your customers or target audience. With the current information that you append to your contact lists, you will be able to increase the effectiveness and success of your market strategies and campaigns. Apart from email appending, data appending also includes adding SIC codes, DUNS #, Industry, Address, Phone numbers, Company Name, etc. The missing data appended to your contact list will clean your database and optimize your list, making it fresh and up-to-date.

SIC Code

SIC codes are used to categorize an organization in terms of its business. With SIC codes append you can easily categorize your target audience and their needs.


By appending this nine-digit number to your contact database you can identify the business of your customer and which company they belong to. Appending DUNS number to your contact list will also help you prevent fraud and will eliminate the chances of duplicate file entries.

Company Name

Append the name of the company to get a clear idea of your customer's industry background and preference.


You can easily fill in your data gaps and loopholes present in your contact list by appending authentic physical addresses of your target audience. This will help you to locate the person geographically. Also, if you are into direct marketing, you can use postal mails or flyers to contact your list.


For any marketing campaign, owning the accurate contact phone number of your customer is simply a must. Add to your contact lists, your customers' much-needed missing phone numbers. With phone numbers appended to your contact list, you can directly get in touch with your target audience and reach out to them personally. With telephone numbers of your contact lists you can clean your bad data to validate and optimize your database.


Append the type of industry to your contact database and zero down your target audience.

By appending the missing data to your contact list you can gain an added insight to your marketing campaigns and strategies.