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6 Commandments of Effective Email Marketing

During the past few years, Email Marketing has definitely become the “in-thing”. Apart from reaching out to a worldwide audience all at once, another unique advantage of Email Marketing is its capability of marketing any product and service online or offline.

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Defining your target audience- The vital aspect of Healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketers often concentrate on every aspect of their online marketing campaigns except a vital one- Their target audience. Defining your target audience is very important in direct marketing. The biggest advantage of direct marketing is that you have a personalized mode of marketing. If you don’t understand and define your audience, you are wasting that advantage. This article will offer you some easy ways to define your audience.

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5 Online Marketing Tips for Healthcare Marketing

Online marketing was almost an unknown commodity in the Healthcare industry a few years back. However, today online marketing is taken very seriously in the industry and marketers take utmost care with their online campaigns. This article offers 5 online marketing tips for healthcare marketers.

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Watch Your Business Grow with Strategic Data Appending

Data appending, if done in a systematic way and by professionals, can change your incomplete contact database into an invaluable list. All you need to do is attach the missing data to your present list of contacts.

With data appending, you can append email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, SIC codes, etc to your contact database. There are a number of leading firms that offer complete professional data appending services that will provide you with a flawless and complete list of your contacts.

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